Preform PET bottles

The production of PET bottles during its stages, since the size of the PET bottle is tight and light, is used to hold water and other beverages.

Based on the high experience and quality of production that has gained over the long term, Partnet’s manufacturing department has been prepared to produce various bottle and preform bottles at different sizes and sizes, and a jar bottle of various sizes, as well as a 5.4-liter bottle with Automatic devices can deliver your order as soon as possible.



Unique Pet Particular Bottles:

* Superior quality PET bottle level: without any streaks or scratches on the surface of the pet and preform bottles.

* Does not contain any contamination or crystal on the bottle of pet and preform.

* Minimal material degradability and minimal reduction of prefabricated acetals and pet bottles.

* Maximum dimensional durability and minimum centrifugal distance.

* No Patch on Pet Preform.

* High ductility and stable weight of each bottle and pet preform.

With the full use of its resources, the use of product quality management, day-to-day technology innovation and customer service improvement, the Group’s production department is ready to deliver the best-quality products and services in the field of PET bottles and preforms.