MP1000 balloon machine

The MP1000 (Bottle Making Machine) is a semi-automatic PET balloon machine, meaning that only one operator is needed to work with this machine.

Working with the machine is easy and does not require special expertise in this field. MP1000 balloon machine for the production of PET bottles (PET) with openings of 28 to 45 is able to produce 1000 bottles per hour

  • Its chassis is made of industrial profile.

  • Body material is made of one and a half miles sheet for car cover.

  • Requires a maximum of one operator.

  • All the raw materials used in the above watch are the best material available in the Iranian market.

  • The material of electric motors and electric gearboxes is from the best first-class Chinese material available in the Iranian market and has a standard approval.

  • All plastic parts include keys and door handles of the best material.

  • The cast parts are made entirely of unbreakable cast iron, which is resistant to sudden shocks and pressures.

  • The bushes of the device are made of magnesium phosphorus or aluminum phosphorus, which ensures the long life of the machine.

  • All parts of the machine are used with the most advanced CNC lathes available in the Iranian market, which makes all parts to be produced with the highest accuracy and quality.

Click to see the video of the manual balloon machine

Service and Support:

In case of expiration of the warranty of the pet balloon machine or the balloon machine that has been damaged for any reason, Part Pet is able to provide all the equipment and spare parts of the machine.

If the device is used correctly and technical problems are seen in the operation of the device, the company will send all spare parts to the customer for free.

For the well-being of dear customers and delivery of the device, sending a technician to set up is free.

After delivering the device to the delivery area, the PartPet receiver will send a technician free of charge to deliver and train the device for free.

To get more information from customers to buy PET balloon machines, we are able to provide free advice even if you are not our customer.

Bottle production film with MP1000 balloon machine

CONTAINERظرفیت Product material موارد مصرفی PET/PC/PP/PE
container volume حجم ظرف L 2.5
theatrical output خروجی مشخص شده Pcs/hr 1000
max.bottle height نهایت ارتفاء بطری mm 15-460
max.bottle diameter نهایت قطر بطری mm Ǿ15-200
Moldingقالب max.mould plate dimension نهایت ابعاد قالب mm 420*490
max thickness of mould نهایت ضخامت قالب mm 400
clamping force نیروی گیره kn 330
mold opening stroke کورس قالب mm 330
AIR COMPRESSORهوای فشرده high pressure compressor کمپرسور فشار بالا m/Mpa ≥0.60/3.0
air pressure for blowing فشار هوای بطری KW 11
air pressure compressor کمپرسور فشار هوا M/Mpa KW ≥0.8/1.25
MAIN MACHINE ELECTRICITYمشخصات برق اصلی power قدرت KW 6
voltage ولتاژ V/HZ 380-240-110/50-60(3-phase)
MACHINE SIZE AND WEIGHTاندازه و وزن ماشین main machine اندازه ماشین
M 1.53×0.62×2.00
main machine weight وزن ماشین T 1
heater اندازه کوره M 2.42×0.65×1.60
heater weight وزن کوره T 0.38
high pressure compressor اندازه کمپروسور M 1.90× 0.75 ×1.50
air filters فیلتر هوا kg 10×2 pcs
safety auto-emergency alarm هشدار دهنده اتوماتیک safety inter-locking device