PartPet has been operating since 1996 and to date, using specialized and experienced manpower, has succeeded in manufacturing semi-automatic blooming machines with a production capacity of 100 cc to 20 liters.

Also in the field of design and manufacture of PET and polyethylene molds in accordance with international standards and modern software, as well as the best and highest quality raw materials has been able to gain customer trust and now more than a thousand molds with designs and volumes Has designed and produced various.

In addition to its products since 2000, PartPat has succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of several reputable Chinese companies for the sale of preform and door molds from 6 Quetas to 96 Quetas with heat exchangers and injection machines for PET servo motors from 90 to 600 tons, as well as machines. Fully automatic blow molding companies have a production capacity of 7,000 bottles per hour.

These experiences and backgrounds were supported so that PartPat, by gaining fame among its customers in terms of quality, accuracy and speed in doing work, could participate in various foreign exhibitions and, consequently, attract customers and launch production lines abroad from its own country. Include Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan to succeed in their careers.

At present, PartPat announces its readiness to cooperate with companies producing beverages, oils and cosmetics in the field of consulting and equipping the production line and selling preforms and raw materials.